Why Harbridge

Why Harbridge

Why Harbridge Partners?
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Harbridge Partners offers some very unique, value propositions for Candidates, Clients and prospective Employees alike to partner with us.

Our aim is to redefine how executive search firms should operate:

Mission Focussed & Values Driven

We are reminded every day that our Mission (and reasons for existence) is to be “Destiny Changers For People’s Careers and Lives”.

We partner and work with colleagues that share our Vision and Values, and that we are here to match Unparalleled Talent with Exceptional Opportunities.

We never forget that we exist, grow and survive because of the candidates,clients and vendors that choose to partner with us day-in day-out, in highly competitive industries and markets.

Staff Ownership & Employee Managed

We are an employee owned and managed business, which ensures a total commitment to the long-term success of all those that partner with us.

Solutions Driven, Not Placements Driven

Our training and business practices are focused on delivering real solutions and not just on meaningless KPIs or quick placements.

Results Oriented Service

We are only focused on developing long term, win-win scenarios, and do not foster a culture of short term thinking.

Long Term Partnerships

We are selective on the Clients and Candidates we partner with. We value long term clients-candidates partnerships. Many of our candidates and clients have worked with our practice heads for over 10 years on average.

Stable Leadership

We only promote from within, and hence ensures a stable business culture and leadership.

Market Research & Intelligence Led

We are a knowledge-based company, not a sales or targets-based search firm.

Industry Specialists

We employ specialist consultants who are often ex-industry experts in their chosen specialisation areas.

Referrals Based

Over 95% of our current business comes from word of mouth recommendations and referrals.


All our consultants are multi-lingual, should speak fluent English and at least one Asian Language (at mother tongue level).

Asia Pacific Heritage

Our consultants and founders are committed to Asia. This is our home and our heritage. We are working to give something back to the communities we serve.

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