Industrials, Manufacturing & Semiconductors

Email Address:   dl@harbridgepartners.com

Direct Line:   +852 2523 9955

David is based in our Taipei office, and a Multi-Lingual Mandarin, Fujianese/ Taiwanese, Cantonese, and English. As a Senior Managing Director managing the Taipei Office, David is a former Digital ASIC/ IC Chip Design Engineer covering all aspects of chip design, fabrications, testing and verification.
He works from both our Taipei and Hong Kong offices and is a Master’s degree graduate from one of the most prestigious US Universities majoring in Micro-Electronics and Electronic Engineering. David leads a small and industry- awards winning team in the experienced or senior search mandates in the Microelectronics and Semiconductor fields.
He conducts searches at all levels and is native level in Mandarin, Fujianese / Taiwanese and fluent in Cantonese and English.






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