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Hong Kong Salary Surveys & Insights

Salary Surveys & Insights

Harbridge regularly provides our candidates with accurate, honest and insightful salary and remuneration reports on a complimentary basis. For more detailed and customised compensation information or research, our research teams can provide tailored research and reports.

Our Hong Kong salary and compensation reports listed below are drawn from over 1,000+ candidates and employers represent a small sample of the Hong Kong Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance workforce.

Our salary information sheets are available as a Adobe Acrobat PDF file, which you can download, view, save and print.

The list of reports are available here:
2016 May Compliance SalarySurvey Thomson Reuters
2018 TR Salary Survey 25-April 2018
CN+WNFirm Salaries2016-2017_Verified
Harbridge Partners Salary Survey (2016)

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Hong Kong Salary Surveys & Insights

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