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Payroll Management

Payroll Management

Harbridge offers Payroll Management Outsourcing through two types of services. One is where the employee(s) of the Client is directly employed by Harbridge instead under a PEO (Professional Employer Organisation) agreement and seconded back to the Client.

The second is where the employee(s) are still employed directly by the Client, but all payroll matters such as Timesheets (where appropriate), Annual/ Sick Leave records, Monthly Payroll & MPF payments, Statutory Tax Reporting, Benefits & Compensation Administration, pre-employment screening and referencing are all outsourced to Harbridge under an Administrative Services Organisation (ASO) agreement, so the client’s internal HR department can focus solely on supporting core business-critical functions such as Discipline & Performance, Training and Support and Talent Acquisition for example.

Depending on clients’ needs, Harbridge can provide complete talent sourcing and recruitment services to hire the relevant staff in conjunction with the PEO or ASO Payroll Management services.

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