Mission, Vision & Values

Our name Harbridge is a portmanteau of Harvard and Cambridge.
It also means we regard ourselves as the “Bridge” between Clients and Candidates.

Our Vision .

We need to grow to a size that provides our staff with endless career opportunities and financial stability.  In our quest to “Deliver Unparalleled Talent” and to offer the very best Human Capital Solutions, we will constantly strive to work hard, embrace new ideas, innovation, skills, and technology. We will be relentless in pursuing new business opportunities, to identify new markets, products and services that can add value to the lives of our candidates, clients, and employees.

Our Mission .

Our mission is to be destiny changers for peoples’ careers and lives.

We will devote ourselves to identifying and assisting the world’s top talents for outstanding opportunities within the Asia Pacific regions.

Our Values .

Harbridge is a values-driven business. These core values identify who we are, what we stand for, how we behave, and how we treat each other.

We stand by six core values:

Delivering Unparalleled

Delivering Unparalleled
Specialist Knowledge

Delivering Unparalleled
Work Ethics & Results

Delivering Unparalleled
Mutual Partnership & Service

Delivering Unparalleled
Honesty, Integrity & Respect

Delivering Unparalleled
Business Astuteness & Solutions

Delivering Unparalleled
Fun & Return

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