Job Highlights

  • Daily Operation and Management of the stores,HK
  • Planning, Construction, Operation and Promotion
  • Marketing,Sales Development of Chinese Medicine

Job Description

中医药集团 – 营运经理

香港总部 – 香港中环


• 负责业务的日常运作。根据总部的政策体系和规划,全面负责门店的日常运营管理,完成落地公司各项指标、任务,梳理并落实平台各项工作流程和管理制度.

• 负责电子商务平台和网络的规划、建设、运营和推广,提升各个品牌的影响力,对销售、毛利等关键指标的结果负责。

• 负责各线上渠道的药品、保健食品业务战略,制定并实现线上年营业额标准,组织、协调集团公司及部门的实施。

• 负责对各类电子商务运营和网络数据进行分析汇总,及时实现各项运营指标。

• 负责中药业务的营销和销售发展。建立精细化运营体系和思路,提高用户复购率;深挖用户需求,针对品类制定差异化营销策略,根据用户特点进行针对性的内容营销和场景营销。

• 负责中药业务的医药开发及药房管理。提升医患在平台上的活跃度,帮助医生打造个人品牌。深入维护重点科室主任等重点人员,寻求特殊疾病、专科合作。

• 负责有效整合公司内外部资源,通过合理运营提高产品市场占有率。

• 负责运营团队的组建和管理,调动员工的积极性,努力提高运营团队的人均产出效率。


• 本科及以上学历,中医药专业。

  • 5 年或以上的相关经验;熟悉中医馆或其他诊疗所的日常经营管理。

• 有药品、保健品、快消品运营经验者优先,熟悉平台规则及合作流程。

• 熟悉中医药行业相关政策、法律法规,有国内医学背景者优先。

• 具有良好的整体整合能力、逻辑思维能力、数据分析能力、管理和协作能力。

• 具有高度的责任感和良好的沟通、组织和书面表达能力,细致严谨,具有良好的团队合作精神和敬业精神。


Chinese Medicine Group – Operations Manager

HK based – Central, HK


• Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the business. According to the policy system and planning of the headquarters, take full responsibility for the daily operation and management of the stores, complete various indicators, and tasks of the landing company, and sort out and implement the various work processes and management systems of the Platform.

• Responsible for the planning, construction, operation and promotion of e-commerce platforms and networks, enhance the influence of various brands, and be responsible for the results of key indicators such as sales and gross profit.

• Responsible for the business strategy of drugs and health food in various online channels, formulate and realize online annual turnover standards, organize, and coordinate the implementation of the group companies and departments.

• Responsible for the analysis and summary of various e-commerce operations and network data and achieve various operational indicators in a timely manner.

• Responsible for the marketing and sales development of the Chinese Medicine Business. Establish a refined operation system and ideas to increase the repurchase rate of users; dig deep into user needs, formulate differentiated marketing strategies for categories, and conduct targeted content marketing and scenario-based marketing according to user characteristics.

• Responsible for the medical development and pharmacy management of the Chinese Medicine Business. Improve the activity of doctors and patients on the platform, and help doctors build personal brands. In-depth maintenance of key personnel such as directors of key departments and seeking cooperation in special diseases and specialties.

• Responsible for effectively integrating the company’s internal and external resources and increasing product market share through reasonable operations.

• Responsible for setting up and managing the operation team, mobilizing the enthusiasm of employees, and striving to improve the per capita output efficiency of the operation team.


• Bachelor’s degree or above, majoring in Chinese medicine.

• 5 or more years of relevant experience; familiar with the daily operation and management of a Chinese medicine hall or other medical clinics.

• Experience in the operation of medicines, health products, and fast-moving products is preferred, and familiar with the rules and cooperation processes of the platform.

• Familiar with the relevant policies, laws and regulations of the Chinese medicine industry, and applicants with a domestic medical background are preferred.

• Have good overall integration ability, logical thinking ability, data analysis ability, management, and collaboration ability.

• Have a high sense of responsibility and good communication, organization and written expression skills, meticulous and rigorous, good team spirit and professionalism.

Fluent Cantonese, Mandarin (and ideally but necessary English) is required for this position, as it will be mostly serving Cantonese and Mandarin speaking clients/ customers. 

Please send a Chinese resume to cv (AT) harbridgepartners dot com

For more information, please contact: Edward Chen or richard Liu on +852 2523 9955, AFTER submitting your resume.

Job Functions: Accounting / Finance / Corporate Services / HR Biomedical / Life Science / Pharma
Job Type: Full Time Permanent
Years of Experience: 5 Years

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