"The best way of learning about anything is by doing."

- Richard Branson -

Interview Tips

1. Find out all you can about the Company

  • Research the company on their website
  • Use Google search
  • Search in the library/ companies registrar for past company accounts if they are a listed company
  • Follow the company on Social Media i.e. Twitter
  • Go to online recruitment forums to ask about the firm
  • Ask the interviewer/human resources for a graduate recruitment brochure, any information they have
  • Talk to your friends, people who may know people that work or have worked there
  • Find out exactly which building, which floor will your interview be held
  • Look on websites like Linkedin, Bloomberg, Factiva for further information

2. Find out all you can about the Job/ The Role

  • Who does this role report to? How many managers do I report to?
  • How big is the team? How big is the department?
  • Ask as many questions to their Human Resources Department as you can
  • What would I be actually doing daily on the job?
  • Read through the Job Description again and again? What are the key skills required?
  • Talk to your friends, people who may know people that work or have worked there
  • Does anyone on Linkedin do a similar Job? Can you contact them via Linkedin for advice?
  • Be brave, go and speak to the company’s ground floor receptionist
  • Tell yourself knowledge is power! Anything that you can find out about the job, the interviewer or the interview format will help you beat the competition.

3. Find out all you can about the Interviewer/ Interview Format?

  • Who is the interviewer?
  • How long have they been at the firm?
  • Where were they before?
  • Look on Linkedin, Facebook?
  • Often they use the same photos

What useful information can you find out about the interviewer:

  • Did he/she go to the same School / University like me?
  • Do he/ she have any hobbies that I can raise at the interview?
  • Are there news articles that mention the interviewer and his/ her achievements with the firm?
  • Is it a HR interview?
  • Is it a technical interview? Do I need to complete any tests?
  • Do I need to prepare a presentation beforehand?

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare – Find out anything that can help you develop a rapport with the interviewer, so he/ she will remember you!

Submit a CV

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Finally, the night before the interview?

Final Check-List:

  • Check the time of the interview again. Interviewer’s details?
  • Plan to arrive 15 – 30 minutes earlier. Go to the washroom!
  • Do I have the map, location address, of the interview place?
  • Did I print out and read a copy of my cover letter and CV?
  • Did I polish my shoes? Got all interview clothes cleaned, ironed?
  • Read through all your notes again, interview questions and CV just before you sleep. You will tend to remember things better if you read it when you are relaxed, such as on the bed.
  • Get an early night sleep.

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