ESG & Good Causes

ESG & Good Causes

Harbridge is a firm believer in  Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) principles.  Its corporate values encompasses Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and supporting good causes . As regional career specialists, we feel we have a responsibility to our home in Asia, and in making a positive contribution to the society and environment.  It is our aim to be voted onto the panel of  ‘Caring Companies’ in Hong Kong within the next 36 months.

All our clients, candidates, employees and vendors at Harbridge are privileged to have had a great education. Our support of Sowers Action and Children International comes from a deep-rooted desire to help those who never had the opportunities and advantages that we had. To this end we also are active fund raisers for  specialist schools in Hong Kong for Special Needs Children (SEN) such as the Link School.

Harbridge Society

Please remember that as our candidates and clients, your continued support of Harbridge Partners allows us to donate a percentage of our profits every year to these worthy charities:

Summers in Hong Kong and other Asian countries are uncomfortably warm. Harbridge would like to do its part to reduce global warming.


Environmental Social Governance

Project Rei

Project Rei is a charity organisation started by teenage students in the Philippines after their school classmate and friend XXX Rei committed suicide, due to depression.

Harbridge Partners has always been an avid supporter of helping disadvantaged children and young people in Asia achieve their full potential. May of our clients, candidates and partners are very fortunate to have had a good childhood, excellent access to educational, social, mental health and medical care facilities and support structures and hence can obtain good careers. We want to make a difference to children and teenagers suffering from depression in countries where support is lacking.

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